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Rs. 445
This oral irrigator uses a penetrating water jet to clean the spaces between your teeth and to reach hard to clean areas that conventional toothbrushes may struggle to reach.It will also massage the gums.Regular irrigation will assist in the prevention of gum disease and improve your dental and oral hygiene.Always use the irrigator after brushing your teeth.Please read the use instructions carefully before the first use. 

Freshens breath 
Provides dental flossing 
Removes debris and reduces bacteria 
Improves gum health 
Cleanses braces, bridges, crown & implant 
Can reach all points of the mouth 

Basic Information About Using of the Irrigator: 
Never fill the reservoir with hot water.Gums can be very sensitive and easily damaged by hot water. 
Never turn the unit on before putting the irrigator jet tip in your mouth. 
Never push the tip irrigator jet against teeth or gums. 
Never use this device for cleaning any other part of the body such as earl or eyes. 
Please note that those with sensitive gums may experience light bleeding the first few times they use this irrigator.If bleeding persists,please consult your doctor. 
Place handle back on base and completely empty the tank after use.