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Rs. 175
These portable stick on hooks will take care of all your storage needs in a jiffy. Suitable for wood surface, stainless, metal surface,plastic surface, glass, board,ice box, washing machine and so on. Do not stick hooks on raw paints or ruff walls its not suitable for the same. Hook are properly tested for optimum usage by experts

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Color: Silver, High grade Self Adhesive Material
  • Size 1.2 inch x 0.5 inch Single Hook, Quantity - 6 Pcs
  • Weight carrying capacity - 1kg of each hook, capacity varies as per product and base material of place were hook is sticked
  • Suitable for Tile, Glass, Stainless Steel Face. Sticking Depend on Material on which you are sticking do not stick hooks on hot areas
  • Please Note that these are small size hooks as per the dimension mentioned and illustrated in the last picture. It has good quality adhesive backing and can carry the rated weight of 1kg on each hook.Wholesale price deal