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Rs. 350
  • * MAKES FOOD ART A LATTE FUN • Enjoy making creative messages & drawing with ground spices or other natural materials using our electric spice pen.
  • * UNIQUE & EASY TO USE DESIGN • A simple design makes it easy to operate for anyone and requires little maintenance! You will feel like a professional food decorator in no time.
  • * SPICES UP ANY OCCASION • Make beautiful decorations to "spice" up any occasion! Now you can surprise your loved ones by writing "I love you" or "good morning" on the milk froth of their morning coffee. You are able to decorate your food or coffee however you would like with the spice pen, get creative with it!
  • * AN AWESOME GADGET FOR ALL AGES • It is an easy to use kitchen tool for children, teenagers, and adults who want to get creative and make their food and coffee into beautiful (and edible) works of art.