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Rs. 2,399
Light Colour

Using tips:- 1). As a solar powered product, the working time of the torch light is effected by the weather. 2). Please make sure the switch is on before your using.(Please cover the solar panel with your hand,if the torch light up shows the switch is on,ortherwise the switch is off) 3). Please insert it in a soft land as much as possible and please don't twist or hammer it with force if the ground if too hard. 4). Please charge the lights under sunlight for over 5 hours before your first using. Specification:- Color: Black Li-ion Battery: 2000mAh Material: ABS Charging time: 8hrs USing time: 10hrs(summer), 5hrs(winter) Package: Solar Torch Light ×2 Plastic pipe ×2 Ground Spike 

1).Charging design!- Toplife torch light top-mounted a solar panel,which is energy-saving,eco-friendly and convinient for your charging.

2).Flame design!- The dancing flame light imitated the torch flame,which looks like a real flame when it works at night!

3).Pattern design!- The pattern on the shell design as the flame but nor the monotonous dots,a beeter choice for decoration.

4). Waterproof design!- All of the material are waterproof,including the lamp bead,ABS shell and the ON/OFF button!

5). Height design!- Accompanied with a plastic pipe and a hard spike to fit your needs about the height and install.