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Are you eagerly looking for exquisite Outdoor Solar Lights that can lighten up your outdoor spaces? Wait! Your search has ended! Epyz Solar Pathway LED Lights exclusively powered by new solar technology will provide amazing glow for your pathway, garden, yard, landscape, patio, driveway, sidewalk, walkway, lawn and entire outdoor area. Aside from offering better security, our beautiful Solar Cool White Lighting creates absolutely romantic and comfortable atmosphere. (1) Solar Powered (2) Low Energy Consumption (3) Weatherproof (4) Cool White (5) Easy to Install



  • 1) These solar LED path lights are equipped with high lumens.This is enough to provide super vibrant lights for perfect Illumination
  • 2) Waterproof & Weather-Resistant: These solar garden lights are engineered to withstand all kind of weather conditions. Made of tough ABS plastic material for longevity and durability, you never have to worry about exposing the light to the rain, heat or snow
  • 3) Low Energy Consumption: These Outdoor Solar LED lights are 100% powered by the sun which charges using the embedded solar panel. It absorbs full direct sunlight to charge about 5-7 hours, capable of providing 10-12 hours complete illumination
  • 4) No Technical Experience Required: This is the easiest LED lamp to use and install on the market. No wire, cable, or electrical experience required. All you have to do is to turn ON the switch, stake the lamps into the earth and you’re done