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Rs. 799
Light Colour

Specifications: Power: 5W Voltage: 1.2V Material: ABS Solar Panel: 2V/80MA polysilicon solar panel Charging Time: 6-8h sun exposure with switch on Lighting Time: 8-10h in spring and summer, 6-8h in autumn and winter Operating Mode: Master switch / Light-controlled induction Lamp Bead: 1pcs LED straw hat lamp bead Battery: 1.2V/40mAH Ni-MH battery Size: 340*90*90mm/13.39*3.54*3.54'' Weight: 370g Specification: 3pcs/box Light: White light Colour: White Waterproof Grade: IP65 Application: Garden path, courtyard, lawn, balcony, etc.


  • 1. Spherical design lawn lamp, turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.
  • 2. IP65 waterproof grade. It is suitable for outdoor use.
  • 3. Solar and battery power supply, no plug, automatic charging.
  • 4. LED lighting, long life, low heat and power consumption.
  • 5. Optical sensor control, turn on/off through ambient light.
  • 6. Pack of 2 Units