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Rs. 249


  • This gel settles very well on eyes and face and it is very soft and comfortable to apply.It can be use both is room temperature or can be refrigerated.
  • The Gel Eye Mask Is Made Of Comfortable And Breathable To Protect Your Sensitive Skin, The Inside Is Padded With Non-Toxic And Tasteless Gel With Fda Approved For Your Safety.
  • It is very helpful to alleviate headache and dropsy of the eyes, and prevent black eye and dry eyes puffiness.
  • Relieves stresses formed during working on computer, kitchen, Movie & Watching TV, Late night sleep, long reading etc.
  • Apply cool eye mask completely covering your eyes. Keep it on your eyes for a minimum of 15-30 minutes with your eyes closed.


The tiredness is caused mainly by a build-up of excessive heat above the neck area. The main reason for this is simply the nature of the work we do i.e. the indiscriminate focus on the computers or electronic media and mobile devices.

This increases the cerebral activities more. In return, this leads several discomforting conditions like headaches, anxiety, eye conditions, sleep disorders such as Insomnia and much more. We often wonder how to get away from these conditions

It lowers the metabolic rates and cools down the body, relaxes, and this in return reduces tiredness and anxiety, eye conditions other conditions instantly. 

Easy to Use
Cooling Eye Mask is easy to use. The Mask should be applied to the skin or closed eyelids for no more than the doctor recommended a time of 20 minutes. Chill it in the freezer or fridge or pop it into the microwave – its pliable, face-hugging shape stays put without drips or leaks. Use as directed.

Reusable, rejuvenating simply freeze

Can improve ocular micro circulation, eliminate eye fatigue, prevent vision decline, so it has an efficacy of lightening eye and refreshing brain
Alleviate swirl and dazzle, and anorexia induced by excessive brain labors, lighten a migraine, neurasthenia, and insomnia of brain fatigue syndrome.
Remove eye bags and black eyes, improve the brightness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.

Applicable situations:
1. For a long time with your eyes without relax
3. For a long time to learn
4. Computer, TV and mobile phone radiation
5. Wear cosmetic lenses, make up for a long time