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Rs. 299

Safety And Environmental Friendly With environmental friendly material, crayons are Safety and Non Toxic, so that your kids can express their art in their own way! Our crayons have no irritation to kids’skin, so children could use them to freely paint lovely pictures These crayons feature richly saturated and vibrant colors according to years of experiments and multiple improving the formula. ​Rich colors allow countless expression ways for kids to free their imagination in drawing, coloring, doodling, illustrating and crafts.

  • It Clean and easy to use crayon for kids
  • It develops a strong characteristic to touch and feel objects in kids
  • Kids will enjoy coloring with these crayons because of multi colors
  • Suitable for drawing, coloring on gift card, DIY photo album, coloring book, or working on any smooth surface,
  • It is designed with a focus on true color, smoothness, and durability.