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Rs. 850
Modeled after an old-fashioned carnival game, this miniaturized high striker challenges guests to test not their strength, but their bravery. The tower is lined with a series of commands, such as “tell a joke,” “20 pushups,” or “reform the US tax code.” Of course, the most frequent command should be obvious: “take a shot,” which requires contestants to guzzle the contents of the included shot glass before the next player takes his or her turn.
When to Play
  • When you need to show off your index-finger strength
  • At parties full of guests with a Pavlovian response to drink at the sound of a bell
  • When there’s no other way to ensure people will know you can do 20 pushups
  • When you need motivation to take your morning wheatgrass shot
  • Drinking game modeled on an old-fashioned carnival game
  • Includes one 2oz. shot glass
  • Product dimensions: 4.75”x8.5”x4.5”