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Rs. 499
Color: Blue
Foldable Bamboo Charcoal Non woven Quilt Package Fabric Sweater Clothes Blanket Storage Bag The Storage Bag is made of healthy and environmental-friendly bamboo charcoal non-woven fabric. Clothes are visible from outside, easy to organize and take care of your clothes. Suitable for storing clothes, blanket, sweater, quilt, etc. Moisture proof, dust proof, no odor, :) Specification: Material: bamboo charcoal non-woven fabric Color: Random Color Sent.

  • Fabric Sweater Clothes Blanket Storage Bag.
  • Suitable for storing clothes, blankets, sweater, quilts, coats and other.
  • Folding, durable and beautiful structure, easy storage.
  • Easy to organize all your stuff and take out your clothes.
  • Eco-Friendly, mildew, dust, moisture, insects, anti-discoloration.