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Rs. 499
Color: Grey
The Brick Mug does not come with any other bricks apart from the one which is randomly comes with each mug. You can use your own bricks / blocks. However we're confident you've got a variety of compatible building sets at your house already. Fashion building blocks coffee water mugs fit for men’s women’s and also kids to use. Create a modern look enjoy the atmosphere and entertain in style. This Creative Build-on Brick Mug has built-in slots for kid's building blocks. You can have separate building blocks and try building a design onto your mug. Kids will definitely love it! It is not only a mug but also a cool building blocks toy! Drink your coffee and build something, too. Durable and Perfectly weighted. Great gift for Kids, Family and Friends. Important Note: The Blocks pieces can be stick to the only one side which is projecting.