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Rs. 350
  • Instruction:1.At first, Rotate the time with clockwise to the time 55 minutes point. 2.Anticlockwise Rotate to time point you want to set up.If you want to set fixed time to 25 minutes,just rotate in counterclockwise direction to the 25 minutes point. 3.When time's up,it will ring automatically at the time you set up.
  • No Batteries Required - Spring Wound Alarm can drive without battery. The bell will automatically ring when it rotates to setting time for a mechanical drive.
  • RELIABLE TIMER - Turn fully to 60 minutes to fully wind mechanical movement and bell, then set to desired time, up to 60 minutes.
  • Ideal for cooking food, which keeps your cookies, cakes, roasts, and casseroles from burning.
  • Size: 3.14 X 2.6 X 2.6 Inches.The more big size than other egg timer.