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Rs. 249

This is a set of cleaning brushes for your kitchen. The set contains 2 medium sized brushes and 1 extra small miniature brush. The medium brushes can be used to clean spouts, tubes and nozzles of items. For example, you can use the brush to clean the spout of a tea kettle. The handles of these brushes are easy to hold and allow the brushes to be rotated. Rotating the brush helps in cleaning the item properly. There is a miniature brush in this set. This extra small brush has tiny bristles and can be used for cleaning items with tiny openings.

  • The Spout Cleaning Brush Set Is a 3 Piece Set of Large, Medium, Small Miniature Size for daunting kitchen cleaning tasks
  • Clean narrow, hard-to-reach tea and coffee pot spouts, ketchup bottles, baby bottles, liquor bottles etc.
  • Spout Cleaning Brushes comes in a detachable key ring for quick and easy access.
  • Can Bend and Clean In Hard-To-Reach Places Like Spouts of Tea Pot or Coffee Pot, Liquor Bottles.
  • Medium Brushes Can Be Used To Clean Spouts, Tubes and Nozzles of Items. For Example Spouts of Tea Kettles.